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Lectures are one of the major activities on campus. Our lectures take place in the university’s lecture rooms and laboratories that are quite close to the hostels. It is commonplace to see students strolling in clusters or individually to their lecture venues. On field trips and excursions, the students are transported to and back by the school.

All lectures take place within the ours of 8a.m and 4p.m Mondays to Friday. Thus, giving enough room for students to participate in other extracurricular activities.


Our campus premises are fenced and well guarded by security guards on mobile patrol and in stationed points.

Students are not allowed to leave the school expect in unique situations and this can only be done by obtaining exeat from the school authorities, which they are to return on or before the approved time. A student that leaves the school without exeat or that does not return as at when due is will face disciplinary actions.

The hostel porters and matrons monitor the students’ activities in the hostels and also provide support for them where necessary.

In addition to campus security, Oyo community is renowned as peaceful and secure.


Atiba University school hostels are conducive, clean, safe and well secure. We have hostel accommodations to fit a range of budgets from the 2-bedded rooms to the 4-bedded rooms that are well equipped with functional and efficient utilities.

We have a huge reservoir of water in 50,000 litres overhead water tanks and 400,000 litres in underground tanks supplying clean borehole water to the hostels. Furthermore, we have backup electricity generators to compliment the electricity supply by Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company. Therefore, ensuring electricity is always available.

Cultism and other vices such as drug abuse, prostitution and gambling are predominant in higher institutions in Nigeria and across the world. In other to curb these vices, all our students live in the school hostel throughout their study.


The school cafeteria provides the students with ready made sumptuous meals having varying options to choose from.

Students cooking in the school hostel is prohibited and are to buy their foods from the school cafeteria. Meanwhile, beverages such as milk, juice, sugar, tea, chocolate and other provisions such as cereals, biscuits, garri, butter, etc. are allowed and encouraged.


We have a functional clinic on the campus premises with resident doctors and nurses. All medical cases are handled in the University clinic. However, where some situation may warrant, critical cases are promptly referred to specialist hospitals outside the school.

Our clinic is functional 24hrs a day every day.


The Oba Adeyemi sport complex has facilities for a range of sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis. In addition, we have some indoor sport equipment in the hostels such as table tennis, table soccer, whot, chess, scrabble and draft.

We hold our sports week annually and our coaches for different sports ensure that the students improve their abilities while having maximum fun.

Religious Activities

Atiba University students come from different religious backgrounds and are empowered to practice their faith without hindrance.

Religious intolerance is strictly frowned at by the school authority and any student found to be guilty will face disciplinary actions.

Meanwhile, we have an active student fellowship and students are allowed to go to church or mosque by obtaining exeat.

Other Extracurricular Activities

Students can be involved in other extracurricular activities on campus such as social groups, study groups, and so on; so far their activities do not constitute an offence to the university rules and regulations.

Atiba University generally provides students the freedom to interact, play and study such that their university experience is memorable and full.


Parents and Guardians are free to visit their children and wards any day of the week from 9a.m to 6p.m.

Prospective students are also enjoined to visit within the hours of 9a.m to 2p.m Mondays to Friday.

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