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Psychology is the systematic and scientific study of behaviour and experience. It has a wide range of applications from industry to commerce, education and health and social services.

Psychology is all around us and touches upon every aspect of our lives. Studying this degree gives you a window into the workings of the mind – why we do the things we do and how we interact with others. On this fascinating journey you’ll gain knowledge and understanding of the different areas of psychology; develop valuable analytical and communication skills; and enhance your ability to work both independently and collaboratively. You will also explore how psychologists use evidence derived from research to contribute to debates on matters such as ageing, crime, education, employment, forensic science, mental health, relationships and much more.

At Atiba University, our staff are thorough, engaging and supportive.

Career Prospects

Careers as a professional psychologist in the applied areas of psychology will require further study, training and/or work experience beyond your degree – for which this degree course provides ideal preparation. You can then go on to become clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, educational psychologist, forensic psychologist, health psychologist, occupational psychologist, sports and exercise psychologist.

There are many other types of career for which the knowledge and skills that you will develop as a psychology graduate may be useful such as: marketing, education, human resources, management and so on

In addition to improving your career prospects, studying at Atiba University promises to be an enriching experience that will broaden your horizons, develops your knowledge, builds your confidence and enhances your life skills.

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