Our Values

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Our Philosophy

The academic programme and activities in Atiba University Oyo are rooted in and defined by a pragmatic egalitarian philosophy of education. This philosophy informs both our vision and mission statement from which the University also identifies its strategic operational objectives.


To build, sustain and propagate a progressive culture of excellence in teaching, learning research and innovation through a competitive interdisciplinary curriculum structure, programme and community participation.


To provide life-long transformative learning and to encourage the acquisition of functional transferable generic skills, knowledge and values required for self-reliance, good citizenship, creative thinking and community service.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide education, training and character that encourage student to search for information motivated by an ideology of “learning how to learn attitude” through the use of modern ICT, and a Co-operative and collaborative approach to learning.
  2. To promote environmental, scientific, and technological literacies among students.
  3. To create a challenging academic environment for students to develop critical thinking ability and a positive attitude toward learning, teaching and research.
  4. To provide a solid foundation for research and prepare students for post graduate studies
  5. To promote the ideals and values of self-learning and co-operation within a system in a secular education in a competitive multicultural society.

Prince Atiba Reflection

The combined interpretation of our philosophy, vision, mission statements and strategic objectives reflect the doggedness, determination, discipline and consistency with which Prince Atiba (the founder and first Alaafin of Oyo) achieved his legendary mission of settling Oyo people at the present site of Oyo town.

The Egalitarian ideal in the University philosophy is indeed a testimony to Prince Atiba’s commitment to fairness, justice and equality-attributes, which define the culture, education and development of Oyo people.

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